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Personal Address Books and Lists

MS Mail (PC) personal address books (PABs) are converted to Microsoft Outlook personal address book files during migration. The PAB file is imported in a message to the new mailbox's inbox. The PAB entries for users on foreign mail systems, such as SMTP, FAX, and X.400, will be valid. Any message addressed to these entries will be delivered as long as the mailbox's site has a way to route the message.

The PAB entries for PROFS and SNADS users will be migrated but will not be accurate. In MS Mail (PC), these addresses are stored in the format of <gateway>\node\user. Microsoft Exchange Server is expecting these addresses to be in the form of node\user, with the appropriate type information. The entries need to be modified before they can be used.

The entries of type MS will be routed to the Microsoft Mail Connector. If the address is to a mailbox that has been migrated to Microsoft Exchange Server, the message will be returned as undeliverable. If the address is to a mailbox that has not migrated yet, it will function normally until the mailbox is migrated. Changes in the Microsoft Exchange Server global address list do not update user's PAB file entries.

If the MMF file is not on the postoffice, the personal address book entries are migrated from MMF files to a Microsoft Outlook PAB file when the MMF file is migrated to a PST file. This happens when the users upgrade their Windows 95 client or run the Profile Wizard after client Setup.

If MMF is on a server, the PAB entries are copied from the MMF file to a Microsoft Outlook PAB. The PAB file is attached to a message which is migrated into the user's Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox.

Personal address lists (PALs) used by the MS-DOS and Apple Macintosh clients are not migrated. Personal groups in the PAB get migrated to personal distribution lists in the Microsoft Outlook PAB.