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Remote Users and Offices

Windows remote client users who upgrade to Microsoft Outlook can migrate their MMF to a personal folder file. Users of the MS-DOS remote client have no way to migrate their messages to a PST. They must forward them to themselves or print them to a printer or file if they want to preserve the information.

Microsoft Outlook with either the MS Mail information service or the Microsoft Exchange information service connect to retrieve mail using a method that is different from the MS Mail remote clients. Before migrating remote client users to the new client, you need to install, configure, and test the new connection method.

Hardware requirements for Microsoft Outlook are greater than for Microsoft Mail clients. When planning migration, inventory remote client users to see if any of them need hardware upgrades.

As offices in one location migrate to Microsoft Exchange Server, remote offices can continue to connect with asynchronous and X.25 connections to the Microsoft Mail Connector (PC) MTA.

When remote offices migrate, work with them on naming conventions, directory replication, connections between sites, routing, public folders, and security. After they install a server and connect their server with your site, they can configure a Microsoft Mail Connector to communicate with the rest of their postoffices and bring down the asynchronous or X.25 external connection to your Microsoft Mail Connector (PC) MTA. This has to be a coordinated effort because you must change routing to their address spaces when the transition is made.