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Removing Migrate Addresses

Most source extractors create "migrate addresses" to identify the source of mailboxes. For example, if you migrate the Network Manager mailbox of the MS Mail (AppleTalk) San Francisco Main server, the Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox will receive the following migrate address: migrate MSA:Network Manager@San Francisco Main. The Migration Wizard will import items from the MS Mail (AppleTalk) mailbox to the new mailbox.

   To remove migrate addresses

  1. After migration is complete, use the Directory Export command to export all mailboxes to a text file with this header:
  2. Obj-class,mode,common-name,secondary-proxy-addresses

  3. Make a backup of the exported file. The backup can restore the directory to its previous state if there is an import problem.
  4. Edit the file to set the second column (mode) to modify for all mailboxes.
  5. Edit the third column (secondary-proxy-addresses) to remove the migrate addresses, but leave the other addresses intact.
  6. Import the modified file, selecting the Overwrite options for multivalued properties.

The e-mail addresses in the modified file replace all the addresses in the mailboxes.