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Directory Import and Export

The Microsoft Exchange Server directory contains objects, which include mailboxes, custom recipients, distribution lists, and public folders. To quickly make thousands of changes to these directory objects, you can use the Directory Import and Directory Export commands on the Tools menu in the Administrator program.

The Directory Export command creates a text file with information about directory objects. With the Directory Import command, you can create or change the properties or schema attributes of directory objects. (See Appendix D for a list of schema attributes.) This chapter explains how to use these commands to perform the following migration-related tasks:

You can also use these commands to import information from other databases. For example, your personnel department has information about users, such as their job titles, manager names, and department names, that you can import to the directory.

If you cannot perform the migration by using a source extractor with the Migration Wizard, you can use the Directory Import command to migrate mailboxes (but not messages) and custom recipients.

For more information about directory import and export, see Microsoft Exchange Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting.