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Directory Replication Schedule

The directory replication schedule determines when requests are sent from a local bridgehead server to a remote bridgehead server for updated directory information. If directory information in the remote site is updated often, schedule more frequent requests to ensure that the most current information is replicated and available. Keep in mind, however, that more frequent replication increases message traffic and can affect network performance.

Note   When setting the directory replication schedule, consider any scheduling constraints created by the connection between the two sites. For example, if messages are exchanged between the two sites using a Dynamic RAS Connector that is active for only 30 minutes twice a day, set the directory replication connector schedule accordingly. If the schedule doesn't match, messages will queue up and wait to be sent at the next scheduled time.

Getting to the Directory Replication Connector Schedule property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Directory Replication.
  2. Double-click the directory replication connector you want to use.
  3. Select the Schedule tab.

Setting the Directory Replication Schedule

Select time periods that will best fit your users' needs to view current information.

  1. Select the Replication Schedule tab.
  2. Select an option (Never, Always, or Selected times) to set a schedule for directory replication.
  3. Under Detail view, select a view for the schedule grid.

Option Description
Never Disables replication.
Always Runs replication every 15 minutes.
Selected times Assigns specific replication times in the schedule grid. Select a time or block of time when replication should occur.
1 Hour Displays the schedule grid in 1-hour increments.
15 Minute Displays the schedule grid in 15-minute increments.