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Administering Microsoft Exchange Server

The Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program provides a graphical environment for administering the services and components of your messaging topology. You can use the Administrator program to administer any server that you have remote procedure call (RPC) connectivity with.

The Administrator program (Admin.exe) enables you to view and manipulate the structure of your organization and perform a variety of administrative tasks. To run the Administrator program, you need Administrator permissions for the site where the server is located.

Unless you have granted another user account permission to administer Microsoft Exchange Server, the only accounts with Administrator permissions on a Microsoft Exchange Server computer are the account that was logged on during Setup and the service account provided during Setup. You can add other users with Administrator permissions by using the Administrator program.

Tip   You can install the Administrator program on more than one Windows NT Server or Windows NT workstation computer within a site. If one of the computers is not available, the other can be used to administer the site and perform troubleshooting.

Getting to the Administrator window

  1. From the Start menu, choose Programs, choose Microsoft Exchange, and then choose Microsoft Exchange Administrator.
  2. Type or select the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server to which you want to connect.

Connecting to Multiple Microsoft Exchange Server Computers

You can connect to and modify objects on multiple servers. Each server appears in its own window.

  1. From the File menu, choose Connect to Server.
  2. Type or select the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server computer to which you want to connect. The second window opens, displaying the second server.