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cc:Mail Address Generation

For cc:Mail users to address Microsoft Exchange users, the Microsoft Exchange Server users must have an address of type CCMAIL. Microsoft Exchange Server automatically generates a cc:Mail address for each recipient based on the site address.

When the connector is initially installed in a site, the cc:Mail e-mail address generator creates an address of type CCMAIL (username at siteproxy) for every recipient, public folder, distribution list, and custom recipient in the site. You configure the cc:Mail e-mail address format in the Site Addressing property page for the site.

Formatting of cc:Mail e-mail addresses is flexible. For example, the recipient Grover Smith in the site Ferguson will by default have the address Smith, Grover at Ferguson but can also have any of the following cc:Mail e-mail addresses:

  • Grovers at Ferguson
  • Grover Smith at Ferguson
  • Grover.Smith at Ferguson
  • Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.0 or later Setup installs the cc:Mail e-mail address generator for the site where the server resides. You must install one instance of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 or later in every site that communicates with cc:Mail.