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Message Routing Strategy

Routing between sites or to another e-mail system requires planning and configuration. Here are several strategies for routing messages to other sites:

When planning the routing of messages to another system, you should consider such factors as the amount of messages, the effect of pass-through message traffic on servers, and routing costs. You also need to consider how to set up connectors to other systems. Will there be one connector for the entire organization or one or more per site? You need to evaluate the structure of your organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each configuration.

If there is only one connector to the other system, messages must pass through other sites to reach the site with the connector. This pass-through traffic may increase intersite traffic. For this reason, it may be more cost-effective to route messages from one site. For example, if you use a fax gateway, long-distance charges may be lower from one site than another.

You can also route messages through multiple connectors to minimize pass-through traffic. Gateways in multiple sites may also be more economical. In the case of the fax gateway, if you want the sites to pay their own long-distance fax charges, you should install a connector or gateway in every site.

For more information on routing, see "Planning Connections to Other Sites and Systems."