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Tailoring Traffic Between Sites

To limit traffic between sites, you should consider the following options:

Limit the size of messages   The number and size of messages that users send between sites can vary greatly. You can't limit the number of messages, but you can limit message size to prevent users from sending large messages.

Reduce pass-through traffic   There are several ways to reduce pass-through traffic. One way is to have traffic flow through a dedicated messaging bridgehead server with no users. Another is to have traffic flow into the site to one server and flow out of the site from another server, with neither server having any users. Or, have traffic flow into and out of the site on all servers, to distribute the load on all servers.

Consider using public folder affinity   When servers in one site are accessible to clients in another site, you can specify public folder affinity between sites, instead of replicating public folders. A public folder affinity is a number that is used to determine the order in which connections are attempted. Using public folder affinity reduces network traffic caused by replication, reduces or eliminates replication latency, and reduces required storage space. However, it can cause more network traffic than configuring a replica if users in a remote site frequently access the data.