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User Needs

To assess user needs, identify the types of applications and services your users require, such as e-mail, scheduling, folders, and connections to other systems. Use this data to group users according to software, hardware, and training needs; server disk space needs; type of public folders required; predicted message volume; and other factors. You can then map user needs to the features available in Microsoft Exchange Server.

For example, Ferguson and Bardell grouped users by function, identified the most important needs for each group, and then mapped these needs to features available in Microsoft Exchange Server.

Function Needs Feature
Field personnel Remote access to e-mail.

Newswire application for news and weather forecasts.

Remote connectivity

Public folders and sample applications

Research and development E-mail connectivity to the Internet. Internet Mail Service
Sales Connectivity to other locations through X.400. X.400 Connector
and management support
Verification of information source.

Confidentiality of data.

Digital signatures


Manufacturing At least two public folders, one for product specifications and one for safety information. Public folders
All Same tools and functionality on different operating systems. Common interface across several platforms