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Planning Considerations

1 User Needs
Determine what applications and services your users require.
2 Geographic Profile
Identify your company's physical locations by city and country.
3 Network Topology
Determine the network size, bandwidth, traffic patterns, and protocols.
4 Windows NT Server Domain Models
Choose the most appropriate Windows NT Server domain model for your organization.
5 Sites and Site Boundaries
Determine the appropriate number of sites and how sites are mapped to domains based on factors such as network bandwidth, network traffic, cost, performance, and the Windows NT Server domain model.
6 Naming Conventions
Establish naming conventions for elements in your organization, such as sites, servers, and mailboxes.
7 Site Connections
Decide how you will connect your sites and what types of site connections you will configure.
8 Connections to Other Systems
Identify the type of connectivity to other systems that users need.
9 Migration
Determine how you will migrate mailboxes and mail from your existing mail system to Microsoft Exchange Server.
10 Administrative Policy
Establish the administrative policies for your organization, such as permissions and administrative duties.