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Users can access a Microsoft Exchange Server computer through the Internet by logging on with a secure connection as a validated user or as an anonymous user. Outlook Web Access uses Windows NT authentication to grant users Web-based access to their mailboxes.

When a user accesses the logon page and logs on to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer, an authenticated session is established between the browser and the Internet Information Server computer. To gain access to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer, the user's Windows NT domain account password must be validated before permission is granted to use the program and its data.

Validated User

To log on, users must type their Windows NT account name, password, and mailbox name. After validation is successfully completed, users have the same permissions as when they log on to a computer connected directly to the network.

Anonymous User

An anonymous user is a nonvalidated Web user who is not recognized by Microsoft Exchange Server. A user can log on to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer anonymously but is restricted to viewing and accessing only published public folders and address lists. You can specify which folders and address lists to publish by using the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program.