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Outlook Web Access Operation

To access the logon page for their Microsoft Exchange Server computer, users start their Web browser and connect to the Internet, specifying the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of their Active Server (IIS system). The Web browser then displays an introductory Web page that prompts users to log on by using their mailbox name. Users must type their Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox alias and press the ENTER key. The Enter Network Password dialog box then appears, prompting users for their user name and password. Users must type their complete Windows NT user account logon credentials and password. For example, users must enter their domain name and Windows NT user account alias in the User name box in the format: domain\Windows NT user account alias, followed by their Windows NT user account password in the Password box.

After typing the complete logon information, users can access their private mailbox and public folder data. Microsoft Exchange Server Message Application Program Interface (MAPI) data, Active Server scripts, and remote procedure call (RPC) data are translated to HTML on the Active Server and transmitted to the browser using the HTTP protocol.