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Using Multiple Microsoft Mail Connectors

If there are many MS Mail postoffices within your organization, or multiple MS Mail postoffices spread over a large area, you can set up multiple Microsoft Mail Connectors to connect all MS Mail and Microsoft Exchange Server users.

Note   Every server in a site uses the same MS Mail e-mail address. From the MS Mail perspective, each Microsoft Exchange Server site appears as one large MS Mail postoffice, regardless of the number of servers or recipients in that site. If multiple connections are required, you should set up a Microsoft Mail Connector in each site.

When planning multiple outgoing routes from one or more Microsoft Mail Connectors to MS Mail, you should:

After a route through a Microsoft Mail Connector is selected, the message is transferred to the connector postoffice and placed in an outgoing connector MTA queue. If the connector MTA stops running or can't deliver the message, the message remains in the queue until the connection is reestablished or until the message expires.