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LAN Connection to Existing Postoffices

The simplest type of connection between Microsoft Exchange Server and MS Mail (PC) can be set up when both systems reside on the same LAN. You can set up most of the message transfer and routing information from the Administrator program.

The following illustration shows how the Microsoft Mail Connector address space can be configured to include indirect postoffice routing to indirect MS Mail postoffices:

Creating this type of connection involves:

When you have configured this connection, messages for any postoffice listed in the address space are sent to the directly connected postoffice and then transmitted to the destination postoffice.

You must define each external MS Mail postoffice that you want to communicate with. For some messaging systems, you may have to work harder to ensure that the network and postoffice routing information is correct for each postoffice. The Microsoft Mail Connector, however, can automatically extract indirect routing information from an MS Mail postoffice, so that you don't have to manually configure routing information for an MS Mail postoffice connected indirectly (regardless of LAN, asynchronous, or X.25 connection) through a directly connected MS Mail postoffice.

Automatic uploading of routing information from an MS Mail postoffice requires a LAN connection. If you are connecting to an MS Mail postoffice through an asynchronous or X.25 connection, all indirect routing information must be entered manually through the Microsoft Mail Connector property pages.