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Site Connector

Site Connectors are easy to configure and provide the most efficient way to connect two sites. A Site Connector is a direct connection of a server in a local site with a server in a remote site. Site Connectors are used when you have local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) connectivity between all the servers in the sites.

Site Connectors have a target servers list, which contains the names of the servers available in the remote site. When a server in the local site sends a message to a remote site, it establishes a connection to a server on the target servers list. If the first selected server isn't available, the next server is contacted until a connection is made or the list is exhausted. This provides natural fault tolerance.

You can assign each server a cost to help determine load balancing. For example, suppose you have two servers in the target servers list, one with a cost of 10 and one with a cost of 20. Because the latter server costs twice as much as the other server, it will be used less often.

A Site Connector can have a bridgehead server¾a server in the local site chosen to establish the connection to the remote site. Using a bridgehead server helps you control which servers send and receive messages between sites.