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Address Spaces

Microsoft Exchange Server connectors are gateways used to create paths for messages sent outside a site. The following connectors are available with the Microsoft Exchange Server:

Connector Connects to
Site Connector Another Microsoft Exchange Server site.
Dynamic RAS Connector Another Microsoft Exchange Server site.
X.400 Connector Another Microsoft Exchange Server site or an X.400 system.
Microsoft Mail Connector Servers running MS Mail.
Internet Mail Service Another Microsoft Exchange Server or another system using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail Servers running Lotus cc:Mail.

The address space represents the path a connector uses to send messages outside the site, and it identifies the recipient address types and addresses. You can use address spaces to control whether messages from an organization, site, or location can travel through the connector. A connector must have at least one address space.

As shown in the following illustration, Ferguson and Bardell uses the Internet Mail Service to establish a link its West coast Internet service provider (ISP). The Internet Mail Service address space is type SMTP, and the address is *.com. The message transfer agent (MTA) uses this Internet Mail Service to process only SMTP messages addressed to recipients with the .com domain identifier.

For more information about address spaces, see Microsoft Exchange Server Operations.