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70. SLang_pop_slstring


Pop a hashed string from the stack


int SLang_pop_slstring (char **s_ptr)


The SLang_pop_slstring function pops a hashed string from the S-lang run-time stack and returns it via s_ptr. It returns zero if successful, or -1 upon failure. The resulting string should be freed via a call to SLang_free_slstring after use.


   void print_string (void)
      char *s;
      if (-1 == SLang_pop_slstring (&s))
      fprintf (stdout, "%s\n", s);
      SLang_free_slstring (s);

SLang_free_slstring is the preferred function for popping strings. This is a result of the fact that the interpreter uses hashed strings as the native representation for string data.

One must never free a hashed string using free or SLfree. In addition, one must never make any attempt to modify a hashed string and doing so will result in memory corruption.

See Also

SLang_free_slstring, SLpop_string

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