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69. SLang_pop_string


Pop a string from the stack


int SLang_pop_string(char **strptr, int *do_free)


The SLpop_string function pops a string from the stack and returns it as a malloced pointer via strptr. After the function returns, the integer pointed to by the second parameter will be set to a non-zero value if *strptr should be freed via free or SLfree. If successful, SLpop_string returns zero. However, if the top stack item is not of type SLANG_STRING_TYPE, or the stack is empty, the function will return -1 and set SLang_Error accordingly.


This function is considered obsolete and should not be used by applications. If one requires a malloced string for modification, SLpop_string should be used. If one requires a constant string that will not be modifed by the application, SLang_pop_slstring should be used.

See Also

SLang_pop_slstring, SLpop_string

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