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ALKO.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 258KAlkon valistus- ja testiohjelma, jolla voi simuloida illanviettoa ja laskea promillet. Sopii vaikka sen testaamiseen, kannattaako vielä lähteä autoilemaan juomisen jälkeen.
ASCII.ZIP 1993-05-03 00:00 6.9KPari ascii-taulukon näyttävää ohjelmaa, jos vaikka jollekin olisi hyötyä. Self made.
ASKMEP.ZIP 1992-07-03 00:00 25KA simple command line utility to use in batch files to prompt for Y/N questions, and have the DOS Errorlevel set on exit. This is the second generation of the original prog. now written in Turbo C++ 3.0. See DOC's for History and Changes. Written by Gary Bouchard/The Computer Store. *FREEWARE*
ASK_BAT.ZIP 1989-02-17 00:00 15KThe ask_bat program was designed to allow for timed response to (Y/N) type prompts in .BAT files - esp the Autoexec.bat file.
AT-SLOW4.ZIP 1992-07-21 00:00 8.9KAT-SLOW 80286/386/486 slowdown program. Version 4.00, Major revision.
AUTORND4.ZIP 1994-08-10 00:00 26KAUTORND v.4.00 PRO! by Arun Bhalla Compile date: 08/10/94 Randomly runs one of up to 99,999,999 batch files on execution! A handy utility! New features include: Uses no memory * 47_ faster than before * 32_ smaller
BATDBG14.ZIP 1995-04-27 00:00 108KBATDEBUG v1.4 Menu driven batch debugger with built-in editor & tutorial batches.
BCB14.ZIP 1996-02-13 00:00 64KATCH for Self-enhancing batches, compiling and executing their own coms. Toolkit with reference charts & related utilities provided. * Five new routines *
BOOT210.ZIP 1994-10-26 00:00 218KBOOT.SYS v2.10 - The Heavy-Duty Config Manager. Gives you one or more menus out of CONFIG.SYS, similar to DOS6.
BOOTER04.ZIP 1997-01-03 00:00 4.9KThis is booter v.0,04. It is a rebooting utile that cold reboots your computer.
BOOTR205.ZIP 1994-10-19 00:00 280KBOOT'R v2.05 -DOS Configuration Manager
BSS148.ZIP 1995-01-23 00:00 35KBSS is a string search program modeled after VAX/VMS search utility. Extract documentation by typing BSS /O=BSS.DOC
CACHONOF.ZIP 1991-10-05 00:00 800 486 Internal cache enable/disable
CDEMU2.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 44K- CD-ROM Emulator (Emulates MSCDEX for Networked ROM DRIVES)
CDRAM06.ZIP 1995-03-06 00:00 26KSmall resident CD-Player
CLOCK.ZIP 1997-06-15 00:00 39KDOS kello EXE ja BAS tiedostot
CMOSSV27.ZIP 1996-09-29 00:00 25Kcmossave cmosrest cmoschk 2.7 DOS utilities automatically restore damaged CMOS from backup and check that CMOS has not been tampered with. MASM/OPTASM source available with registration. By Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products.
CMOSTIM1.ZIP 1994-07-30 00:00 14KResets PC time from Hardware Real Time Clock
CMPSEC22.ZIP 1995-02-26 00:00 59KCOMPSEC v 2.2 Powerful Data Protection
CONED28.ZIP 1992-05-15 00:00 69KSelect AUTOEXEC & CONFIG at boot. Features include: virtually unlimited # of configurations, delay feature for unattended system boots, warm/cold /alternate reboot methods, menu or command line reboot selection, Shell to the editor of your choice, Easy to use yet very powerful. This is both the novice and power users system configuration tool.
DEVLOD18.ZIP 1993-03-25 00:00 3.4KDEVLOAD loads DOS Device Drivers from the command line.
DOSUTILS.ZIP 1997-06-25 00:00 23KVarious DOS utils pack.
DOSVUE19.ZIP 1993-08-11 00:00 262KCombined menu / cmd line driven shell like NORTON commander. Intuitive and powerful.
EM87V1_3.ZIP 1990-02-10 00:00 13KEM87 V1.3 (2/10/89). This program fully emulates the 8087 math coprocessor on 80286 and 80386 based computers.
FAKELH.ZIP 1994-10-14 00:00 8.9KA fake LOADHIGH command for DOS 4.0 and up.
FBOOT213.ZIP 1995-09-24 00:00 22KFastBoot 2.13 reboots your computer skipping CMOS checking, ROM scan, RAM, etc. tests. Faster than QuarterDeck QuickBoot
FIXASE10.ZIP 1998-07-11 00:00 34KFixsoft Asennus 1.0 - Kotimainen asennusohjelma DOS-ympäristöön, jolla luot omille ohjelmillesi todella helposti tyylikkään asennusohjelman. Ohjelma on kaikille yksityisille ilmainen! Helposti konfiguroitava ja täysin suomenkielinen.
FRK38724.ZIP 1990-04-28 00:00 23KFRANKE.387 v2.4 - Coprocessor Emulation
GDESK216.ZIP 1995-07-23 00:00 681KTHE GORIN DESKTOP V2.16 The ULTIMATE Desktop for DOS, even on XT's! Powerful GUI
INST099B.ZIP 1997-10-15 00:00 244KINSTALL v0.99b FREEWARE Helppokäyttöinen asennusohjelma DOS:iin. Tukee ZIP, ARJ ja RAR pakattuja tiedostoja.
JOCCAL11.ZIP 1997-06-11 00:00 125KJOC-CALC 1.1 - A powerful spreadsheet very easy to use. Pull down menu system. Mouse suport. Hypertext Help system. Screensaver. 13312 cells (512 rows by 26 columns). Block operations. Autocalc. Formating. Mathematics and Trigonometric functions included. Contains samples spreadsheets ready to use.
KODE.ZIP 1997-08-10 00:00 91KTitanSoft presents Koodi-ohjelma v1.0 joka on todella käytännöllinen. Suojaa koneesi! LUE MANUAALI!
LIEMI055.ZIP 1998-03-02 00:00 15KLiemi v0.55 by Jaakko Mäentausta - Ohjelma perjantai-iltojen suunnitteluun. Ohjelma laskee juomasekoitusten alkoholipitoisuudet, veren alkoholipitoisuuden, hyvän kotiintuloajan yms. Ohjelma sisältää hieman bugeja, mutta uusi versio on tulossa lähiaikoina. Kannattaa kokeilla!
LOGMKR22.ZIP 1993-06-30 00:00 25KLogMaker - Date & Time Utility v2.2. Record date & time when your PC is turned on.
LOTTO.ZIP 1997-08-09 00:00 4.7KLottogeneraattori by Los Locos Software. Arpoo lottonumerot. Freeware! Reg 286 Vga.
MAPMEM.ZIP 1993-02-24 00:00 11KDriver to map physical Memory
MCE13.ZIP 1995-10-06 00:00 54KMultiple Command Executor from Underwear v1.3
MDOS10.ZIP 1994-11-16 00:00 9.3KMousedos v1.0. Control dos by mouse.
MENUMIN3.ZIP 1993-01-01 00:00 48KChoose among multiple configs for convenience/security
MIME64B.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 32KMIME encode/decode utility for DOS with src's
MS_SH21B.ZIP 1993-08-26 00:00 269KThis is an implementation of the Unix Shell for MSDOS. As far as possible it is compatible with the System V.4 program sh(1) with ksh(1) extension.
NUMLOCK.ZIP 1990-05-30 00:00 2.1KNumlock päälle / pois
OH30.ZIP 1998-01-04 00:00 45KOrchard House V3.0 is a very quick and handy DOS shell that does everything you always wished a shell would do without getting in your way. It allows you to assign up to 20 file/program names to hot keys with automatic passing of parameters. Previous commands are always accessible in various formats with just a few keystrokes, and they can be fully edited giving you truely managed command line support. Any program or batch file will run
ONCE13.ZIP 1995-01-19 00:00 22KONCE 1.3 - Execute programs once in 'n' days
PC-SET.ZIP 1993-01-29 00:00 28KPC-SETUP v1.0 is installation program for in-house programmers, shareware authors, etc.
PCH20.ZIP 1996-04-19 00:00 46KMemory Resident DOS consultant Provides pull-down menu help on all DOS commands. Servile Software freeware
PCPAIR1.ZIP 1996-01-01 00:00 1.1MGet ready to learn how to service and upgrade your computer and save yourself lots of money. To play this program,just type START or BEGIN to run.You must install this tutor to your Hard Drive and you will need at least 640k RAM. TA..TA.. AND ENJOY.
PCPAIR2.ZIP 1996-07-06 00:00 1.3MGet ready to learn how to service and upgrade
PCPAIR3.ZIP 1996-07-06 00:00 1.1MGet ready to learn how to service and upgrade
PGP26UIX.ZIP 1994-05-27 00:00 213KPGP v2.6 internationl - MS-DOS binaries ulkista avainta käyttävä salausohjelma.
PGPSHE33.ZIP 1995-04-04 00:00 112Kpgpshell v3.3 - March 1995 Front-end shell for use with Phil Zimmermann's PGP
PN123E17.ZIP 1996-09-03 00:00 417KEnhanced PGPn123
Q87.ZIP 1995-03-09 00:00 163KQ87 versio 3.17 Matematiikkaprosessoriemulaattori
QCDWU.ZIP 1994-01-26 00:00 63KLatest QCD Player v1.40 for DOS & Windows.
QM107E.ZIP 1993-12-02 00:00 294KQuikMenu version 1.07e is a graphical desktop and menuing system for DOS.
QSO32213.ZIP 1997-07-06 00:00 76KQsort32 v2.13 by Safari - (6 July 1997) Tests computer speed by sorting lots of numbers (4b to 4gb) with quick sort algorithm. Needs 386+ and 1mb mem. Accurate and nice reportings. Made with 32 bit protected mode assembly and optimized for Pentiums. Tests also CPU (simple & complex integers, 16b speed), FPU (simple arithmetic, transcendental, other), mem (main mem and caches (read, write and copy in sequential, reverse, butterfly and
QVIEW241.ZIP 1997-06-14 00:00 111KQuickView ver 2.41.01 presents Å ä Txt/Hex/Asm Å Alt/Win/KOI Å 'MZ','PE','NE' header i486/87 Å i486/87 Highlight å Code/Dump/Asm LineFeed Å å å modes ~90 Kb ÄÅ setup by niva Product ~970 Kb assembler source code 14.06.97
REBOOT.ZIP 1994-03-01 00:00 568 reboot.exe reboots your computer
SCANDCNV.ZIP 1989-09-10 00:00 3.9KKonvertoi 8-bit skandit -> 7-bit tai päin vastoin
SCHEDTSK.ZIP 1993-12-28 00:00 84KTASK SCHEDULER VERSION 2.5 Schedule and run DOS programs anytime-
SDIR3BX.ZIP 1997-05-04 00:00 142KSuomidir Ver 3.0 X -Suomalainen DIR-käskyn korvaaja. -Kertoo pitkän kuvauksen tiedostosta. -Tunnistaa 382 tiedostonnimen päätettä! -Toimii nyt myös Windows ysivitosella
SETVRM10.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 9.9KSETVERM v1.0. Smart & less memory consuming replacement for SETVER.EXE. Supports DR-DOS & Novell-DOS.
SHADE.ZIP 1997-11-06 00:00 6.3KShadebob Screen-saver v. 1.0 by Lord Chuky/MiND
SINSTD12.ZIP 1995-03-31 00:00 208KSuperInstall for DOS v1.20 This software installation program is completely menu- driven.
SL-CUT11.ZIP 1995-01-17 00:00 14KCUT deletes characters from standard-input, similar to UNIX cut.
SLOWA40.ZIP 1994-01-20 00:00 61KSLOWA - Slows down 25-40MHz machines.
SLOWGAME.ZIP 1991-06-18 00:00 1.8KHidastaa nopeaa konetta esim. vanhempia pelejä varten.
SMARTM10.ZIP 1995-12-21 00:00 5.9KSMARTMEM resizes SmartDrive 4.0 - 5.0 cache memory without having to reboot ! Ideal for large DOS games. Boosts free XMS/EMS memory for applications which would otherwise need a clean boot. Freeware by Erik de Neve.
SNIFF098.ZIP 1998-02-10 00:00 68K[Description] System Sniffer V0.9.8e Copyright (C) Tero Ripattila 1996-1998 This is a *pre-release* version of System Sniffer. Please tell me ideas how could I make this program better and if you find bugs or you think that something does not work properly. Please let *me* also know about it.
SREAD.ZIP 1998-03-23 00:00 39KSmodem log converter/viewer by:Viktor Rootselainen
SURV418A.ARJ 1993-03-17 00:00 54KFreeware version (4.18) SURVOS of the SURVO
SURV418B.ARJ 1989-11-12 00:00 115KFreeware version (4.18) SURVOS of the SURVO 84C software by Prof. Seppo Mustonen. (2/2)
T2ANS.ZIP 1997-01-10 00:00 35Ktans2com This is a quick program that Converts a raw ANSI file to a self running COM file.
TAME320.ZIP 1994-01-02 00:00 104KTAME Release 3.2. Speeds multitasking.
TLB_A252.ZIP 1994-10-09 00:00 205KA set of ADVANCED UTILITIES to go with THE LAST BYTE MEMORY MANAGER (vers. 2.52)
TLB_V252.ZIP 1994-10-09 00:00 262KTHE LAST BYTE MEMORY MANAGER (vers. 2.52) Loads device drivers, TSRs, and more between 640k and 1 meg.
TODIR22.ZIP 1995-02-02 00:00 31KJump directly to any directory on any drive.
TRAP113A.ZIP 1998-01-09 00:00 37K[ ShareWare 1.13a ] TRAP the fastest EXE/COM protector on the net! It protects your executables against cracking,unpacking,modifying... TRAP 1.13 kills : cup386 3.4, GTR 1.90 IceUnp, TR 1.97, IUP and any other generic unpacker existing! The ShareWare does only use cheap random encryption - register to get full EXE/COM support, several encryption layers to make unpacking harder and more! [Christoph Gabler]
TSRCOM35.ZIP 1993-10-19 00:00 74KTSR Utilities Version 3.5 10/18/93 MARK, RELEASE, MAPMEM jne. Hyvä paketti.
TSTSR21.ZIP 1996-08-08 00:00 98KTerminate and stay resident programs from Prof. Timo Salmi of the University of Vaasa, Finland. Includes alarm, disable, enough, keycount, leds, noboot, nobreak, nocapslc, numlock, pinpoint, resclock, rescloc2, shftcaps, shftnuml, sordino, timedown, timepest, timeup.
TVIEW2.ZIP 1997-09-27 00:00 41KTView Version 1.0 DOS, OS/2, Linux Native versions. Used for viewing Textfiles from command prompt. It's not list but it's Free!
TXTAB701.ZIP 1997-01-30 00:00 85KTXTABLE.EXE (7.01): Program to generate text tables. Allows inputs to be HTML-based as well as one-record per cell. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software
UCALC24.ZIP 1994-08-16 00:00 85KULTIMATE CALCULATOR v2.4 - Graphic scientific calculator. Expression evaluator with many built-in functions, operators, numerical notations, and modes. Supports user variables & functions. Solves, and plots equations, does integrations and summations. Supports hex & binary notations. Radian & degree modes. 18 significant digits. Online help and much more.
UNITS43.ZIP 1991-11-17 00:00 38KUNITS Conversion Program version 4.3
UPTIME30.ZIP 1997-03-31 00:00 5.8KUPTIMER v3.0 corrects any time discrepancy by updating the system timer from the real-time clock every second, thereby ensuring that the system timer and the real-time clock remain in synchronism.
UZNIX120.ZIP 1994-10-18 00:00 332KUZFULNIX 1.2 - UNIX-Like utilities for DOS
VMS240.ZIP 1994-04-26 00:00 35KVMS40 EMS memory emulator v1.1b VMS40
WIPEVK20.ZIP 1997-08-12 00:00 37KWIPEVK V.2.0. Security deleter for DOS. wipes off sensitive files. READ MANUALS BEFORE USE and be careful!!!.
XC38.ZIP 1994-12-27 00:00 72KxeCutor Processor v3.8. Non-resident task automizer, tricks out almost any menu driven program, lots of options.
XDOS500.ZIP 1995-07-10 00:00 1.0Mextrados ToolBox v5.00 A collection of over 50 DOS utilities. Includes turbobat, speedram, Tidy, CleanUp and many more. All utilities wrk with DOS 6.0. Shareware
XMSCC10.ZIP 1997-05-09 00:00 21KXMS Control Center displays the current setup of your extended Memory Manager (XMM) and allows you to change the layout of extended memory by modifying the currently allocated Extended Memory Blocks (embs). XMS Control Center is able to display information about each extended block currently allocated and allows you to free, lock, unlock or reallocate it. You can also allocate new extended memory blocks. Works in both
ZFSKAND.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 11KZorlim's Fast Skanver 1.0b