Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

AE24A.ZIP 1994-09-15 00:00 28KAsm Edit 2.4a. Updated release of an all new editor tailored for the assembly language programmer. Smart tabs, auto comments, more. Free pgm.
AEDIT10.ZIP 1993-10-26 00:00 67KAEDIT v1.0 - PC Magazinessa esitelty kätevä pikku editorinpoikanen.
AURORA21.ZIP 1995-08-20 00:00 511KAURORA v2.1 - One of the finest text editors
AW065B.ZIP 1999-01-01 00:00 107KArtWorx v0.65 (Beta) Full-featured ANSI editor that BLOWS AWAY thedraw, acid DRAW, guiledraw, or any others currently out.
BEDIT22.ZIP 1993-01-26 00:00 43KBEDIT V2.2 - hex editor.
BESTH101.ZIP 1994-04-17 00:00 192KBESTHES v1.01 - 3,056,200-word(!!) thesaurus. Pop-up, ultrafast, related-words dictionary.
BOXER70A.ZIP 1995-06-20 00:00 352KBOXER/DOS Text Editor v7.0a: Top Rated! Best Major Application winner at the 1994
BREEZE54.ZIP 1995-09-10 00:00 301KText editor with word processor features. Colorful, configurable, can send text to .EXE file, spell check and other extras.
CE361.ZIP 1996-11-11 00:00 36KCMEditor File Text Editor v3.61 -- Small, handy text editor loaded with features. Edit or view large files. Mark blocks of lines for copy, move, delete, print, export to file. Import file, split file being viewed, search/replace strings. Modest mouse support, 25/43/50-line VGA support, four color schemes, new popup ASCII table make this little editor even handier. Only $10 registration. Added file importer and splitter, other enhancements
CRE113.ZIP 1996-07-11 00:00 53KCracker Editor v1.13 Fast and easy to use hex-editor for dos. Low memory usage. And many more usable options. sysreq / WE 1996
DBVIEW20.ZIP 1993-04-11 00:00 67KdBVIEW Ver 2.0 - DOS database file viewer for dBASE III+/IV and FoxPro format files. Supports memo fields, mouse, read-only files. Shareware replacement for Norton Commander DBVIEW.
DEXTER20.ZIP 1995-03-11 00:00 112KDEXTER Text Editor v2.01 - Super fast, premium quality, multi-file DOS text editor.
DSED31.ARJ 1996-05-15 00:00 70K<< DS-Editor v3.1 SF Great DOS-text-editor with : multi-window- system, multi-file-system, color palettes, font change, file search, lots of else... from Diamond Software (Take it! You wont regret!)
EDDY7G.ZIP 1993-12-25 00:00 211KEDDY v7g EDit DirectorY - Do ANYTHING
EDIT47.ZIP 1993-01-07 00:00 79KEDIT.EXE Text editor v4.7 - ASP Edit any size file on a minimal 256k system. Instant access to far out file records. Edit color text and store as ansi file. Both keyboard and mouse draw w/any character Create self display color.COM files. Built in calculator, calendar, keybord ascii and scan code display. List files in ascii or hex. Execute any file or command. Mark file groups for text find and replace.
EZQUOTE4.ZIP 1994-06-15 00:00 44KEZQuote v4 Text Editor for Offline Messages
FAE_100.ZIP 1995-04-01 00:00 93KFirst ADE Edit, version 1.0 Multilingual Text Editor (Now: Eng/Fren/Ger; Soon: It/Sp/Cz)
FED153.ZIP 1990-09-09 00:00 48KThis program is a binary file editor. It allows the user to modify or edit any kind of file in alpha or hex editing modes.
FLEX120.ZIP 1995-12-30 00:00 131KFLEX v1.20. Fast, configurable ASCII editor.
G471EXE.ZIP 1995-10-23 00:00 108KG 4.71 ascii text file editor
HEDIT23.ZIP 1993-09-15 00:00 45KHEDIT v2.2 - Powerful, easy-to-use editor. Both text and binary supported.
HEX51.ZIP 1995-12-16 00:00 65KHEX Editor v5.1. Menu/cm line driven editor, intuitive concept, find/replace feature
HIEW560.ZIP 1997-04-10 00:00 319KBasically HIEW is a hex viewer for those who need change some bytes in the code. Hiew is able to view unlimited length files in text/hex modes and in 386 disassembler mode. Version 5.6
HIEW591.ZIP 1998-08-21 00:00 320KHackers view v.5.91
HT252.ZIP 1996-05-27 00:00 34KHexType - Hexa Extended Type version 2.52a Display contents of files in ascii or hexa decimal With the help of external viewers, practically any file can be viewed
HW32V210.ZIP 1996-02-02 00:00 377KHex Workshop, the Professional Hex Editor, is a file and disk editor which allows you to edit, insert, delete, cut, copy and paste hex. Additional features include goto, find, replace, and compare. New with this version is the ability to launch Hex Workshop from the Windows 95 Desktop/Explorer, and File Manager. You also get a Base Converter (for converting hex, decimal, and binary), and a Hex Calculator This is 32-bit version.
JED0986.TGZ 1998-03-07 00:00 657Kjed editori msdossii ja os/2 versio 0.98.6 haluaa s-lang libraryn mukaan
JOE2X2.ZIP 1995-06-22 00:00 133Kjoe editori dossille; tuttu Linuxista !!!
KAS103.ZIP 1993-10-08 00:00 25KKASSU v1.03 Kasetin kansien editori.
KNOTS2_0.ZIP 1997-01-16 00:00 115KKNOTS is a DOS based HTML browser designed for owners of low powered PCs, who wish to create WWW pages at home, either for their personal, one node intranet, or to be displayed later on a World Wide Web server. Displays the pages graphically, to give a better idea of the final result.
LIST91K.ZIP 1995-07-01 00:00 109KAscii / Binary file lister.
MELITE10.ZIP 1994-03-23 00:00 220KMulti-Edit Lite v1.0
MNOT2316.ZIP 1997-03-21 00:00 339KMini NoteTab 2.3; Freeware multi-page text file editor. Provides a convenient way to display and edit one or more text files. Powerful search and replace commands; web enabled; Clipbook with templates for HTML tags; easily reopen favorite files; word and character statistics; shortcut menu to access commonly used commands; context sensitive help file; and lots of other useful features.
MR_ED25.ZIP 1994-01-08 00:00 260KMister ED v2.5 - Superior Text Screen Editor
PCW41A.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 650KPC-Write 4.10 great WP by Quicksoft 1/3
PCW41B.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 664KPC-Write 4.10 great WP by Quicksoft 2/3
PCW41C.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 331KPC-Write 4.10 great WP by Quicksoft 3/3 Docs,support,thesaurus $69, WizKit+$30, +ship Full-featured, adaptable, easy menus, fast!
PFE0506.ZIP 1994-01-10 00:00 347KProgrammer's File Editor 0.05.006
POPDBF.ZIP 1994-03-09 00:00 134KPopDBF v4.05 . 4K TSR dBase file editor
PS-L-1-2.ZIP 1994-03-31 00:00 19KPS-LIST V1.20 list-program for TXT's and DOC's with screensaver and many more
QEDIT4.ZIP 1995-10-25 00:00 195KTSE JR v4 (formerly QEdit) - Blazingly fast, multi-file, multi-window, compact DOS text editor, both powerful and EASY to use.
QVIEW210.ZIP 1997-01-13 00:00 69KQView v2.10.14 by AGC Productions. Views files in text, hex and assembly modes. Edit, view, search, crypt and assemble 8086-386, 387 and Pentium/PPro specific assembler instructions in 16 and 32 bit modes.
SAM100.ZIP 1996-10-26 00:00 88KSammyEmacs v1.00. Small text editor for MSDOS
SEDIT110.ZIP 1995-10-25 00:00 336KSEDIT v1.10 Text editor with spelling check.
SHOWTXT3.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 4.8KTekstitiedostolistaaja. Nopeampi kuin Type.
SIMON.ZIP 1989-11-09 00:00 32KSIMON, the memory resident text editor.
SMED21.ZIP 1995-09-07 00:00 131KSmooth Editor v2.1 The first DOS text editor with FAST Smooth Scrolling technique
SV33E.ZIP 1995-12-20 00:00 51KSource View V3.3e (, powerful programming editor for DOS, includes features such as Undo/Redo, Wild Card File Opening, Run-time File Access, Inter-file Find/Replace, Tabular Block, Dynamic Marking, Split Windows, and Multi-display Resolution
SYEDIT11.ZIP 1994-01-29 00:00 92KEdIt! v1.1 -- A fast, windowed, mouseable replacement for DOS's EDIT command.
TDE40.ZIP 1994-06-05 00:00 418KTDE, the Thomson-Davis Editor Version 4.0, Released June 5, 1994 by Frank Davis. Public domain.
TED3.ZIP 1992-12-17 00:00 17KTiny EDit v3.0 -lisää muutoksia esim. sana kerrallaan siirtyminen (CTRL->) toimii!
TEDIT2.ZIP 1989-12-02 00:00 56KHyvä editori Dossille. Tosin vanha sellainen, mutta kuitenkin käypää tavaraa
TODDY612.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 36KTODDY v6.12 - A DOS command line editor. Adds macros, key reassignments, single key file name completion, and nondestructive cursor movement to the standard DOS com- mand line.
TRACE27.ZIP 1994-02-06 00:00 77KTrace v2.7 produces listing of the MS-DOS requests made by a process. Useful debugging tool. Full sources included.
TSETD2.ZIP 1994-12-14 00:00 395KThe SemWare Editor (TSE) 2.0 Test-Drive.
TSETD25.ZIP 1996-01-31 00:00 782KThe SemWare Editor Professional (TSE Pro) 2.5 Test-Drive. From the makers of QEdit comes the most versatile yet easy-to-use DOS text editor available. Just one look and you'll be hooked on it's POWER, SPEED, and FLEXIBILITY. Several popular editor emulations and macros are included. Limited to 30 minutes or 4000 keystrokes per session.
VDE173FI.ZIP 1996-01-02 00:00 295KVDE v1.73. Suomenkielinen kirjoitusohjelma.
VEDIT40.ZIP 1994-08-03 00:00 81KV(Edit) v4.0.0. A Programmer's File Editor. to edit files larger than Dos memory. Fast
XCEDIT24.ZIP 1994-08-27 00:00 211KX Edit - editor
XE420.ZIP 1994-11-05 00:00 52KheXEdit v4.2 Edit/Display files as hex dump- XE is a full screen DOS text based program
XSORT301.ZIP 1994-05-15 00:00 179KA program (and filter) to quickly sort and merge ASCII / Extended ASCII / ANSI text files (even in non-English languages) of any length
YAHE110.ZIP 1995-09-29 00:00 126KYAHE (Yet another hex editor) V1.10 Now includes marking up to 100 places in a file. Searches through data at up to 35 meg per second! Search using Hex or Ascii! Everything you'll need in a Hex Editor! (shareware)