Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

7X00-301.TXT 1998-05-09 00:00 6.7KHP CD-Writer+ 7x00 Firmware update docs.
604XQA.ZIP 1993-01-08 00:00 3.8KQ&A on the DRM-604X 4x CDROM Speed Changer.
4020_12X.TXT 1998-07-27 00:00 8.4KHP SureStore CD-Writer installation instructions
4020_120.EXE 1995-12-20 00:00 114KHP SureStore CD-Writer Firmware 1.20 Upgrade. Download 4020_12x.txt for installation instructions.
4020_127.EXE 1996-10-11 00:00 126KHP SureStore CD-Writer Firmware 1.27 Upgrade. If your drive has firmware lower than version 1.20, please download and use 4020_120.exe before using this application. Download 4020_12x.txt for installation instructions.
7100-301.EXE 1998-05-09 00:00 816KHP CD-Writer+ 7100 Firmware update v3.01
7100UPD.EXE 1998-09-25 00:00 825KHP 7100 CD-ROM update
7200-301.EXE 1998-05-09 00:00 815KHP CD-Writer+ 7200 Firmware update v3.02
8020R26.ZIP 1997-01-02 00:00 718KSmall Form Factor Committee Specification of ATA Packet Interface for CD-roms (SFF-8020i)
ACER.ZIP 1995-06-20 00:00 35KAcer IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v2.00
ATAPI.ZIP 1995-02-13 00:00 64KGeneric IDE CD-ROM driver for OS/2
ATAPI95.ZIP 1995-08-04 00:00 41KPioneer Atapi miniport driver
CD55ANT.ZIP 1995-04-28 00:00 12KWindows NT driver for TEAC quad speed (cd55a)
CD55OS2.ZIP 1994-12-26 00:00 10KTEAC CD-55a for OS/2
CD55W95.ZIP 1995-06-09 00:00 9.1KCDROM CD-55a, Teac 8 bit I/F card
CD800DRV.ZIP 1997-01-04 00:00 41KPackard Bell CD800 external CD-ROM drivers (probably made by sanyo, but could someody please confirm)
CDDRVSS.ZIP 1996-01-15 00:00 1.3MCDROM DRIVERS FOR FOLLOWING DRIVES: > MITSUMI 2x AT-API (FX-n01de) > MITSUMI 4x AT-API (FX-400) > PANASONIC AT-API (CR-572b, CR-574b, CR-581b) > PANASONIC CR-562b, CR-563b > PIONEER UA-124x > SONY AT-API (CDU-76e, CDU-77e) > SONY CDU-525e (ACER) > SONY CDU-55e > TEAC 56e > TOSHIBA AT-API (5302b, 5402b)
CDDSCN10.ZIP 1995-11-13 00:00 78KCDDSCAN ver. 1.0. Check CD-ROM drives speed and working condition
CDEMU2.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 44KCD-Emulator v2.0
CDGRAB20.ZIP 1993-09-02 00:00 42KCD_GRAB v2.0. Reports info about CD-roms.
CDR582.ZIP 1995-04-29 00:00 68KDrivers for CDR-582 ver 1.31
CDROM-DI.ZIP 1991-12-06 00:00 29KDAK Cd-rom info.
CDROM.ZIP 1993-04-18 00:00 297KCollection of CD-ROM pgms and tech info, + MSCDEX faker. Bit dated.
CDROMDRV.ZIP 1995-10-18 00:00 116KCD-ROM Drivers for: ACER cd625a (IDE), AZTECH CDR-66/A (IDE), HITACHI cdr7730 (IDE), MITSUMI FX001-D (MITSUMI), MITSUMI FX001/400 (IDE), PANASONIC 562/563 (PANASONIC), PANASONIC 574b (IDE), PHILIPS cr940i (IDE), PIONEER DR-ua124x (IDE), SONY cdu33a (SONY), SONY cdu55e-77e (IDE), TEAC CD-55a (PANASONIC), TEAC CD-56e (IDE), TOSHIBA XM-5302b (IDE),
CDRV131.ZIP 1995-04-29 00:00 68KOctek cdrv131 CD-ROM driver for DOS
CDU8002A.ZIP 1993-12-26 00:00 23KAudio filter for Sony CDU-8002 (OS/2)
CHINONCD.ZIP 1992-10-14 00:00 23KChinon cds435/cds535 CD-ROM Drivers
CYBER16X.ZIP 1996-07-12 00:00 72KCyberdrive 16X IDE/ATAPI CDROM DRIVERS
DA2WAV15.ZIP 1996-03-26 00:00 168KTransfers audio/video from CD to HD
DEC8X.ZIP 1996-12-19 00:00 15KDigital PCXRN-AG LG 8x CD-ROM Driver for DOS
DECATAPI.ZIP 1996-12-19 00:00 22KDigital ATAPI CD-ROM drivers for DOS (These should also work as generic drivers)
DEC_MULT.ZIP 1996-12-19 00:00 23KFixed driver to acess multi-session disks on DEC Celebris XL and decpc XL systems
DIDO.ZIP 1995-06-01 00:00 41KDigital audio copy! Copy audio from Compact Disk directly to WAV file with no quality loss. Does not record audio but copies the digital data from CD's
DOLPHIDE.ZIP 1997-01-03 00:00 11KDolphin IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM DOS drivers
DOLPHIN.ZIP 1994-10-12 00:00 12KDolphin CD-ROM OS/2 drivers
ECDP95U.ZIP 1997-02-13 00:00 309KAdaptec Easy-CD Pro 95 v2.0 Windows 95/NT Driver update diskette.
ECSIDE.ZIP 1995-06-20 00:00 35KECS (Elite Computer Systems) IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drivers
FAKECD10.ZIP 1995-09-03 00:00 8.3KFake-CD v1.0
FCCDDRV.ZIP 1996-09-13 00:00 234KFreeCOM Parallel port IDE CD-ROM drivers for DOS/WFW/W95
FUN6X.ZIP 1996-02-18 00:00 8.9KFunai/OAK IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v2.00 (6x)
FUNC.ZIP 1995-05-26 00:00 31KFunai E252X/E282X IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.07
FUNE.ZIP 1995-05-26 00:00 31KFunai E252X/E282X IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.07 (Alternative IO port)
FUTURE_I.ZIP 1995-03-16 00:00 7.9KFuture domain 4x IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers for DOS. (Note this might work as generic driver)
HIT106.ZIP 1996-07-31 00:00 34KHitachi IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.06
HITACHI.ZIP 1994-05-27 00:00 74KHitachi CD-ROM driver for OS/2
I-CD-ROM.ZIP 1997-01-04 00:00 73KPackard Bell internal CD-ROM (used in 386 models) drivers
MACCDDOS.ZIP 1996-10-04 00:00 58Kmaccd package (Release 3.5). Read Macintosh CD's on PC. Demo version limited to 100kb filesize
NE3051UP.EXE 1998-07-03 00:00 2.2MUpgrades Nero CD-R/RW software version 3.0.x.x to the latest version Nero
NT35-120.ZIP 1994-11-23 00:00 7.8KWindows NT v3.5x SCSI Driver v1.20 (11-23-95)
NT111.ZIP 1994-06-04 00:00 13KCD-ROM driver for NT
NTATAPI.ZIP 1995-06-15 00:00 11KUpdated ATAPI driver for Windows NT
OS2CDROM.ZIP 1995-04-21 00:00 43KOctek CD-ROM driver for OS/2 (donr know which model..)
PT-CDROM.ZIP 1995-06-20 00:00 7.4KPromise IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.0 beta
P_DRD600.ZIP 1993-01-21 00:00 153KPioneer DRD-600 CD-ROM Drivers
REVEALCD.ZIP 1995-04-23 00:00 121KDrivers for many CD-ROM's used by Reveal (Read the cdrom.cfg for info about settings..)
SAMJUNG6.ZIP 1996-05-07 00:00 94KSamjung 6x ATAPI CD Drivers
SANCD130.ZIP 1996-07-31 00:00 41KSanyo IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.3
SANYO.ZIP 1995-06-08 00:00 8.4KSanyo 4x CDROM Drivers
SANYO_AT.ZIP 1995-12-14 00:00 5.3KSanyo CD drivers. Unknown model and interface
SBCD0294.ZIP 1994-02-09 00:00 53KUpdated CDROM Driver v4.15 for DOS (C-LABS)
SCSICDRM.ZIP 1996-07-02 00:00 236KIBM SCSI CD-ROM installation disks for PS/2
SONY31.ZIP 1994-02-25 00:00 23KSony CD-ROM driver for OS/2
SONY53.ZIP 1993-12-07 00:00 14KThis is a Sony Cd Rom Device Driver for OS/2 Ver 2.1 This will allow you to connect any of the to following Somy Cd-Roms a Sony controller card or Sound blaster MCD /Sony I/F for use with os/2 MMPM. CDU-531, CDU 535
SONY173A.ZIP 1996-08-24 00:00 97KSony CDU-31a and CDU-33a CDROM drivers
SONY220X.ZIP 1996-08-24 00:00 111KSony CDU-531 CDU-535 and CDU-7205 CDROM drivers
SONYSCSI.ZIP 1996-08-24 00:00 82KSony SCSI CDROM drivers
SONY_ATA.ZIP 1996-08-24 00:00 71KSony IDE ATAPI (CDU-55e) CDROM drivers
SONY_PS2.ZIP 1996-08-24 00:00 42KSony CDU-531 CDU-535 and CDU-7205 CDROM drivers, when using PS/2 microchanel kit.
SP3231.EXE 1998-03-11 00:00 234KCD-ROM drivers for Compaq Notebooks
SP5661.EXE 1998-02-18 00:00 253KCD-ROM drivers for Compaq Notebooks
SUPERCDX.ZIP 1994-04-22 00:00 23KA replacement Driver for MSCDEX. Very handy. Shows multisession disks as different drive letters on DOS.
TSLCD312.ZIP 1993-12-01 00:00 11KPAS CD-ROM driverit ver 3.12
TWINS.ZIP 1995-05-05 00:00 7.7KTwins95 - CD Remapper for Windows 95
UM2X.ZIP 1994-11-30 00:00 65KUMAX 2x (CD-IS201) IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.21
UMAX4IDE.ZIP 1995-09-26 00:00 66KUMAX 4x IDE CD-ROM DRIVERS for Umax and Sanyo
UMAX4X.ZIP 1995-09-26 00:00 65KUMAX 4x (CD-IS401) IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drivers v1.10
UNIIDE.ZIP 1998-05-21 00:00 149KUniversal IDE ATAPI CD-ROM driver. Should work with most drives. Includes PIO mode changing software and CD readtest program. VIDE-CDD.SYS/OAK tech. If this one fails try ACERCD.SYS or Sony's ATAPI_CD.SYS or MAXIDE.SYS.
VERTOS.ZIP 1996-08-09 00:00 73KVertos IDE CD-ROM drivers for DOS and Windows 3.
VERT_IDE.ZIP 1995-02-14 00:00 33KVertos ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM drivers
WCD12X.ZIP 1996-08-30 00:00 6.2KWearnes 12x CD drivers
WCDD110.ZIP 1997-03-09 00:00 43KWearnes 2x CD-ROM drivers
WCDD620.ZIP 1995-08-10 00:00 86KWearnes 6x ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM drivers
WCDD820.ZIP 1996-03-21 00:00 105KWearnes 8x ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM drivers
WEARNES.ZIP 1994-05-08 00:00 13KWearnes CD-ROM OS/2 drivers
W_CDD820.ZIP 1996-03-21 00:00 105KWearnes CD drivers for 820 and older
YAMAHA10.EXE 1998-05-26 00:00 1.4MYamaha CDR 400/200 Win95 Upgrade.