Caviar 1.6 GB Hard Drive

The Caviar AC31600 EIDE hard drive is the high-performance, high-capacity solution for computers - from home and business PCs to workstations and servers. High-capacity, high-speed host data transfers, advanced caching, increased rotational speeds, and low mechanical latency combine to give the AC31600 an ultra high level of performance.


Caviar 1.6 GB HARD DRIVE

Form Factor             3.5-inch
Interface               AT-EIDE
Formatted Capacity      1624.6 MB *
Average Seek Time       Sub 10 ms
Data Transfer Rate      16.6 MB/sec Mode 4 PIO;
                        16.6 MB/sec Mode 2 Multiword DMA
Spindle Speed           5200 RPM
Buffer                  128 KB CacheFlow4 TM
MTBF                    300,000 hours
Warranty                3 Years
* Western Digital defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes.

This new drive is also available in a Hard Drive Kit.