Drive Retail Products

The same high-quality, high-performance hard drives that Western Digital provides to the leading PC manufacturers worldwide are available as upgrade kits to the retail market. Each kit is packaged in attractive single-pack boxes designed for retail sales. Western Digital's hard drive upgrade products offer a toll-free number for customer support.

3.5-Inch Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

The 3.5-Inch Hard Drive Upgrade Kit is available in capacities ranging from 365 MB to 1.6 gigabytes. They come with a three-year warranty, instructions for easy installation, automated installation software for hassle-free setup, and a complete set of mounting hardware and cables. Because Caviar drives support dual drive (master/slave) configurations, system storage capacity can easily be increased by installing a Caviar drive along with an existing hard drive.

Part Numbers:    AC136500F  (365 MB)
                 AC142500F  (425 MB)
                 AC254000F  (540 MB)
                 AC263500F  (635 MB)
                 AC270000F  (730 MB)
                 AC285000F  (850 MB)
                 AC310000F  (1080 MB)
                 AC312000F  (1280 MB)
                 AC316000H  (1620 MB)

Available at the following retail stores:

The 1.6 gigabyte Hard Drive Kit will be available at Comp USA, Computer City and Egghead beginning June 6, 1995.