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Creating a Pool of TCP/IP Addresses for RAS

To ensure RAS connectivity, you need to create an address pool with at least two TCP/IP addresses. If you are using multiple modem lines, the pool must contain at least one more address than the number of ports. For example, if a four-port Digiboard is being used, there must be at least five addresses in the pool. The local server uses the first address, and the others are assigned to the servers that dial in.

The IP addresses you select for your address pool do not need to correlate with other internal or external IP address schemes. Addresses from the pool will only be used by the two computers at each end of the RAS connection.

For example, the pools for each of three Microsoft Exchange Server computers connected using a Dynamic RAS Connector may appear as follows.

Server Domain IP Address
Portland OREGON
Dallas TEXAS

Server Modems RAS IP Address Pool
Seattle 4 modems to
Portland 1 modem to
Dallas 1 modem to

Complete the following steps to create a TCP/IP address pool.

  1. In Control Panel, double-click the Network icon.
  2. Select the Services tab.
  3. Select Remote Access Service, and then choose Properties.
  4. Choose Network, and then choose Configure.
  5. Select Use static address pool, and then type the appropriate numbers in the Begin and End fields.