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Outlook Web Access Installation

You can install Outlook Web Access (.Asp and HTML) files during Microsoft Exchange Server setup. Microsoft Exchange Server can be installed on the same Windows NT Server computer as IIS, or it can be installed on a different Windows NT Server computer that can be accessed by the server where Outlook Web Access is installed. When installing Outlook Web Access and Microsoft Exchange Server on the same computer, the WWW service in IIS must be enabled.

Active Server, a feature of IIS, acts as a liaison between a server component (Outlook Web Access) and a Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Active Server combines HTML, server-executed scripts, and remote procedure calls (RPCs) to generate web pages dynamically. You can customize these .Asp files for your organization. For example, you can add company information to a title, change graphics, or otherwise modify the operation of Outlook Web Access. You should back up the files before you customize them.

To download more information about customizing .Asp files for use with Microsoft Exchange Server, use your Internet browser to visit http://www.microsoft.com/msdn/sdk/ and follow the Microsoft Platform SDK link.