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Sample NNTP Client Configuration

The following example shows how to set up an NNTP client for a Microsoft Exchange Server user named Suzan Fine at a company called Ferguson & Bardell (FB).

You create a Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox or custom recipient for Suzan with SuzanF as the alias name and Exchange1 as the computer name. The primary Windows NT account that is associated with this mailbox or custom recipient is FB\SuzanF. The Internet Mail Service that is providing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service to the NNTP accounts is also running on the Exchange1 computer. The domain name of the company is FB.com. The following options must be specified for the Microsoft Internet News NNTP client, which is included in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0:

Name   Suzan Fine

Organization   Ferguson & Bardell

News server name   Exchange1

Account name   FB\SuzanF

Password   Windows NT password for account FB\SuzanF