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Managing Newsgroup Public Folders

The public folder hierarchy structure gives you flexibility in managing your newsgroup public folders. For example, you can make public folders in an existing public folder tree into newsgroups by designating the parent folder as a newsgroup hierarchy. All public folders underneath the parent folder also become newsgroup public folders. For more information, see "Setting Up Newsgroup Hierarchies" later in this chapter.

Because newsgroup public folder names depend on the newsgroup public folder's location within the hierarchy, newsgroup public folders cannot be moved once they have been created. However, you can move hierarchies underneath other hierarchies. If you move a hierarchy and its subfolders underneath another hierarchy, the folders in the relocated hierarchy retain their newsgroup names. They do not inherit the newsgroup name of the hierarchy they are underneath. For example, if the comp hierarchy is moved underneath the activities hierarchy, the names of newsgroup public folders in the comp hierarchy do not change.