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Newsgroup Public Folders

You can designate any public folder as a newsgroup public folder that can be accessible to NNTP clients and send and receive items in a newsfeed. Outlook users can access these newsgroups just as they would any other public folder. However, now users can exchange information with people around the world and within their organization.

When you set up the Internet News Service, it creates a public folder for Internet newsgroups called Internet News. You can move or rename the Internet News public folder, but you can't delete it. You can also designate other public folders to contain newsgroup public folders.

A newsgroup public folder is like any other Microsoft Exchange Server public folder. The administrator can set permissions on public folders to control who can read and post items to the newsgroup. Newsgroup public folders can also be replicated within an organization using Microsoft Exchange Server public folder replication. Any public folder that is replicated to another server retains its newsgroup properties and can be included in newsfeeds if a news service is running on that server. However, other news services cannot feed items into or from the folder.

To replicate newsgroup public folders that are included in newsfeeds, the Microsoft Exchange Server computer that is running the Internet News Service and is configured for newsfeeds must have local replicas of newsgroup public folders. When new items are posted to a replica of a newsgroup public folder, the change is replicated to the server running the Internet News Service. This server is then responsible for uploading the changes to the newsfeed provider's host computer.

Naming Newsgroup Public Folders

To enable NNTP clients to access newsgroup public folders, newsgroup public folders are assigned names that are based on their location within the newsgroup hierarchy. A hierarchy is any top-level newsgroup public folder in the tree. Public folders can't be newsgroups unless their parent folders are newsgroup hierarchies.

A newsgroup public folder inherits a portion of its name from its parent folder. The full newsgroup name of the folder is a combination of the public folder's name and the name of its parent folders, each separated by a period. For example, in the following illustration, if a newsgroup public folder called policy is in the comp.admin hierarchy, the newsgroup name of the policy newsgroup public folder is comp.admin.policy.

Note   The name of a public folder cannot contain any periods because the name will conflict with the newsgroup name for the public folder. For example, a newsgroup public folder cannot be named new.ads. If an unsupported character such as a period is used, Microsoft Exchange Server replaces it with a dash.

Using Moderated Newsgroups

Some newsgroups are moderated, which means that all items posted to the folder are first mailed to a designated moderator who decides whether to accept or reject the posting. Items sent to moderated newsgroup public folders do not appear in the public folder until the moderator has accepted them. If a newsgroup is moderated, the Internet News Service automatically forwards the posted item to a specified address without modifying the heading. You can designate a moderator for a newsgroup public folder using Outlook.