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Enabling Security for Users in Remote Sites

Because the Administrator program uses RPCs to communicate with the KM server to generate security keys, you cannot directly enable users in remote sites to use advanced security. If you are in a site without RPC connectivity to the KM server, you must contact an administrator in the site where the KM server is located and provide a list of user names that you want to enable for advanced security. In turn, the administrator at the site where the KM server is located enables each user to use advanced security (using the Administrator program). Once the security keys are generated, the administrator can either transmit them to you or directly to each user.

Note   It is not necessary for each user to be in the same site as the KM server to enable advanced security on the client. Because the client and KM server communicate through e-mail, users in any site in your organization can complete the advanced security configuration process once they have a temporary key.