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About This Guide

This book is organized into the following chapters and appendix.

Chapter 1 "Understanding System Maintenance Concepts"   Provides an overview of creating a backup plan, maintenance plan, and disaster recovery plan to ensure the optimal performance of your Microsoft Exchange Server system.

Chapter 2 "Maintaining Your Organization"   Describes maintenance tasks you need to perform to keep Microsoft Exchange Server message and information transfer running smoothly.

Chapter 3 "Monitoring Your Organization"   Explains how to check for problems with services, servers, connections, and gateways.

Chapter 4 "Troubleshooting Tools and Resources"   Describes Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows NT tools you can use to diagnose and troubleshoot problems in your Microsoft Exchange Server organization.

Chapter 5 "Troubleshooting Your System"   Explains how to use the available tools and resources to narrow down a problem in a specific Microsoft Exchange Server component, find the cause, and then solve the problem.

Appendix A "Diagnostics Logging"   Describes events written to the Windows NT application event log by Microsoft Exchange Server services and components.