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Diagnostics logging service Diagnostics logging category
MSExchangeIS Content Engine Events related to converting messages from the database format of the information store to the formats required for NNTP.
MSExchangeIS Internet News Service Events related to retrieving and submitting articles to another NNTP server, usually an ISP.
MSExchangeIS Connections Events related to connecting and disconnecting NNTP clients.
MSExchangeIS Authentication Events related to NNTP client logon and password authentication.
MSExchangeIS Client Actions All actions of NNTP clients and NNTP inbound push newsfeeds.
MSExchangeIS Configuration Events related to configuration problems.
MSExchangeIS Replication Events related to NNTP outbound push newsfeeds.
MSExchangeIS NNTP Pull Newsfeed Events related to NNTP inbound pull newsfeeds.