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Diagnostics logging service Diagnostics logging category
MSExchangeMTA X.400 Service X.400 protocol events, such as submission and delivery reports.
MSExchangeMTA Resource Events related to MTA resources.
MSExchangeMTA Security Events related to attempted security violations.
MSExchangeMTA Interface Communication among MTA components and between MTAs. Includes remote procedure call (RPC) use.
MSExchangeMTA Field Engineering Internal debugging trace.
MSExchangeMTA MTA Administration Administrator program access to MTA queues and routing information.
MSExchangeMTA Configuration Configuration of internal parameters and/or problems in one or more MTA configuration files.
MSExchangeMTA Directory Access Events related to the MTA's use of the directory.
MSExchangeMTA Operating System Events related to the MTA's use of Windows NT functions, such as thread creation and file operations.
MSExchangeMTA Internal Processing Events related to the internal operation of MTA application code. These events indicate serious problems in the MTA.
MSExchangeMTA Interoperability Tracks the binary content of protocol messages. Use this category and interface to log stack traces and X.400 application program interface (XAPI) traces to Mtadata\Ap*.log.
MSExchangeMTA APDU (Application Protocol Data Unit) Tracks complete P1 content (MTA send/receive) and fully encoded P1 APDU (communication between remote MTAs) to diagnose interoperability or conformance problems. Use this category and X.400 Service to log binary data to Mtadata\Bf*.log.