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Directory Service

Diagnostics logging service Diagnostics logging category
MSExchangeDS Knowledge Consistency Checker Ensures that replication links between servers and sites are configured correctly.
MSExchangeDS Security Events Events related to Windows NT security, such as logon attempts and changing permissions on directory objects.
MSExchangeDS EXDS Interface Events Communication between the directory and the information store, MTA, and Administrator program.
MSExchangeDS MAPI Interface Events Communication between Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) clients and the directory.
MSExchangeDS Replication Events Events related to replication of the directory to and from other Microsoft Exchange Server computers.
MSExchangeDS Garbage Collection Events generated when objects marked for deletion are deleted.
MSExchangeDS Internal Configuration Interpretation and display of the registry and configuration variables.
MSExchangeDS Directory Access Reads and writes directory objects from all sources.
MSExchangeDS Internal Processing Events related to the internal operation of directory application code. Error events in this category indicate bugs in the directory.
MSExchangeDS LDAP Interface Events related to clients accessing the directory using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). For example, Bind, Search, and Filter. It records what LDAP calls are made, whether calls succeed, and why a call failed.
MSExchangeDS Initialization/
Events related to starting and stopping the directory.
MSExchangeDS Service Control Processes Windows NT Control Panel services events, such as start service, stop service, and pause service.
MSExchangeDS Name Resolution Resolution of addresses and directory names.
MSExchangeDS Backup Events related to the backup and restoration of the directory database.
MSExchangeDS Field Engineering Internal debugging trace.
MSExchangeDS Address Book Views Events related to the Address Book views consistency checker, which ensures the validity of the entries in each Address Book view. It records information such as when the Address Book View containers were created and deleted.