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Internet News Service

The Internet News Service uses Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) to access Internet newsgroups. Microsoft Exchange Server replicates Internet newsgroups into public folders for viewing by e-mail clients. Most Internet newsgroup problems are related to insufficient disk space or Internet or network connectivity.

One or more Internet newsgroups are not replicated.

Reasons Actions
The newsfeed host was not found. Establish a connection to the newsfeed host. For more information, see Microsoft Exchange Server Operations.

If Microsoft Exchange Server is already configured to receive a newsfeed from a specific host, use the Ping command to test the connection to that host.

Microsoft Exchange Server has insufficient disk space for storing Internet newsgroups. Adjust the age limits and size warnings for Internet newsgroups in the Limits property page for the public information store. Set shorter age limits and smaller size warnings for folders that contain binary information, such as digitized images and sounds.