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Directory Synchronization

Directory synchronization allows Microsoft Exchange Server to exchange directories with Microsoft Mail for PC and AppleTalk networks and other systems that support the Microsoft Mail directory synchronization protocol. The process relies on the Microsoft Mail Connector interchange, MS Mail (PC) MTA or MS Mail (AppleTalk) MTA, and the Microsoft Exchange Server MTA and directory, if used, to be functioning. Problems with directory synchronization can be in planning, messaging between the systems, or configuration problems in Microsoft Exchange Server, MS Mail (PC), or MS Mail (AppleTalk).

Duplicate display names appear for custom recipients and new Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes.

Reasons Actions
Migration of new accounts has created duplicate names. Both addresses are valid. Either hide the Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes from the Address Book or do not include Microsoft Mail addresses in directory synchronization.
Migration of new accounts has created duplicate names. Only Microsoft Exchange Server addresses are valid. If migration is successful and all postoffice users were moved, remove the postoffice from directory synchronization.

You haven't received updates from MS Mail (PC).

Reasons Actions
There is no message connectivity to the directory synchronization server. Send a message to the directory synchronization postoffice from a Microsoft Exchange Server user, and reply when it is delivered. If delivery fails, treat this as a routing or connection problem.
Dispatch is not running on the postoffices. Check the dispatch logs on the postoffices for reported successes and failures.
The configuration is incorrect. Verify that the MS Mail (PC) directory synchronization server and requestor information is correct, including postoffice names, passwords, and types of addresses. Microsoft Exchange Server should show up as the Microsoft Mail Connector postoffice.

Updates for MS Mail (PC) are no longer being received.

Reasons Actions
Mail is not getting through. Check the queues on the connection and on the postoffices between the directory synchronization server and the requestors.
Dispatch is not running on the postoffices. Look at the dispatch logs on the postoffices.
Configuration has been changed. Check configuration with both Administrator programs for changes. Verify that network and postoffice names are accurate and that the requestor password is correct (if a password is being used). Verify that mail and replies to mail arrive as expected between Microsoft Exchange Server and the postoffice.

Updates for MS Mail (AppleTalk) are no longer being received.

Reasons Actions
The directory exchange requestor does not run consistently. Replace the MSMail GW file in the System Extension folder. If you are using Quarterdeck Mail 3.6 or later, contact Starnine for an updated file.
Mail is not being delivered. Check the queues on both sides of the connection.

Check the PCTOMAC and MACTOPC directories on the Microsoft Exchange Server. Verify that messages are queued and moved.

The directory synchronization custom recipient is not configured correctly. The target recipient for Microsoft Exchange Server/Macintosh directory synchronization must be the network manager.
There is not enough memory on the directory exchange requestor. Press COMMAND+I and increase the amount of available memory to the directory exchange requestor.

Run the directory exchange requestor on another Macintosh® workstation.

The directory exchange requestor configuration is corrupted. Delete the directory exchange requestor preferences file, and the log and input files. Restart the Macintosh and use the Chooser to establish the gateway with the Macintosh Mail server.