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Microsoft Exchange Server Host Migration Tools
Support and Services

Microsoft Exchange Server Host Migration tools assist in migrating from the following host-based messaging systems to Microsoft Exchange Server:

These comprehensive tools provide host administrators with a means of migrating users' accounts, private e-mail messages, shared information, attachments, documents, calendar data, and personal address data to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Important    The PROFS/OV, ALL-IN-1 and MEMO host source extractors are not supported through standard Microsoft Product Support Services, such as the Premier Support Plan.

To receive support and customization services around these tools, host administrators have the following options:

Microsoft Consulting Services    Microsoft Consulting Services is providing services to assist in migrating to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Independent Consultants and Software Vendors    A number of independent software vendors and consultants provide fee-for-service and products to assist you in your migration planning, implementation, and customization. For contact information and descriptions of migration services and products offered, see the sections that follow. Also see the Microsoft Exchange Server home page (http://www.microsoft.com/exchange) for an up-to-date listing of Microsoft Exchange Server-compatible products and services.

Self-support/Customization    Included with host migration are tools and documentation that enable you to manage your migration. The source code for each tool is provided to enable your system programmers, solution providers, or system integrators to support and tailor the tools to your specific needs.