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Control Data Systems, Inc.

Control Data offers the Rialto Connector for PROFS/OfficeVision, which is a Windows NT-based gateway that facilitates enterprise-wide messaging and scheduling. This gateway enables users of the 16-bit version of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Calendar to exchange e-mail, view calendars, and schedule meetings in real time with PROFS and OfficeVision/VM. It is the only software that provides these bidirectional features between PROFS/OfficeVision and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Control Data also offers Calendar*Hub, which is based on the Control Data Mail*Hub technology. Calendar*Hub enables bidirectional synchronization of calendaring invitations and free and busy information between several calendaring products, including Microsoft Outlook Calendar, PROFS/OfficeVision, and Lotus Notes.

Control Data Systems, Inc.
4201 Lexington Avenue North
Arden Hills, MN 55126
Phone: 1-888-RIALTO4