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Troubleshooting the Source Extractor

If there are problems with the PROFS source extractor, there are several resources for finding and fixing them. The following are typical problems and their solutions.

Insufficient Memory

If you have not allocated sufficient memory for the source extractor, you might receive one of the following error messages:

Insufficient storage for Exec interpreter
Insufficient storage available to satisfy free storage request 
Machine storage exhausted or request exceeds limit

You can allocate more memory using a command such as DEF STOR 16M.

Errors During Data Migration

Errors during data migration are indicated in the MIGRATOR STATUS file. After you complete migrating a group's message and calendar data, review the MIGRATOR STATUS file on the MIGRATOR account. If any accounts show an error, there should be a <VM ID> ERROR file, indicating the error. All errors must be resolved.

If any accounts display TimeOut, determine if the account is still extracting data. If it is, wait until the process is complete, rerun the source extractor with only this account selected, and replace accounts set to FALSE. This will process the user's data and mark the user's status as done. If the account is not extracting data, check the log files to try to resolve the problem.

After fixing any problems, you can migrate a single account by doing one of the following:

Account Missing from the MIGRATOR STATUS File

If an entry is deleted from the MIGRATOR STATUS file, you can do one of the following:

This will add the entry back into the MIGRATOR STATUS file.

Can't Migrate Only PAB

If you select to migrate only PAB information, the MIGWIZRD EXEC stops without migrating data.

   To migrate only PAB information

  1. Start the source extractor.
  2. Extract mailbox and PAB information.
  3. After the information is extracted, start the MIGXFER program.
  4. Delete the MAILBOX file from the list of files to be transferred.
  5. Complete the MIGXFER program to transfer the PAB migration files.

Migration Wizard Parser Error When Importing IBM PROFS/OV Migration Files

When you migrate data from IBM PROFS/OV, the file transfer program may improperly translate the last character of the file, which may result in a Migration Wizard error during import for the last input line of data.

Migration file lines are terminated with a carriage return line feed pair (hex 0D 0A). If your file transfer program terminates a migration file with anything other than this (such as hex 0D 30), parser errors will occur because it will try and parse the last character as an individual line. If you receive an import error you should first check to make sure this isn't the problem. You can view the file in a hex editor and look at the last two characters or if you view it in Notepad there will be a box character at the end of the file indicating that the last character is not hex 0A. This error does not affect the import of data and can be ignored.

Multiple Sets of Files in the Reader Cause an Error in MIGXFER

If you receive one of the following errors: "No PRI FILEx for MAILBOX found", "No PRI FILEx for REMADDR found," or "No PRI FILEx for vm user id found," check the reader to determine that multiple sets of these files do not exist. If you have run the extractor and not cleaned the reader afterwards, or have stopped and restarted the extractor, you may have two or more sets of these files. You must determine which set to keep and which set or sets to remove, and then run MIGXFER again.