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Installing the IBM PROFS Source Extractor

Use the following procedures to install the Microsoft Exchange Server IBM PROFS source extractor.

If you don't use an MS-DOS-based emulator that supports a SEND command, you need to either upload the files individually or through your own batch control file. The following table describes the parameters needed to upload the files.

Convert CRLF Convert to EBCDIC Record Length
Record Type
MIGRATOR.CKS Yes Yes 80 Fixed length
RELEASE.DAT Yes Yes 80 Fixed length
(All other files) Yes No 65000 Variable length

   To install the Microsoft Exchange Server IBM PROFS source extractor with an MS-DOS 3270 emulator

  1. Log on as the MIGRATOR VM ID.
  2. From the directory on the Microsoft Exchange Server CD-ROM containing the PROFS source extractor, type:
  3. UPLOAD <path to terminal emulation software> and then press ENTER. Do not include a trailing backslash on the path.
  4. Move the file MIGVIZ EXEC to a common system minidisk.
  5. Run the MIGCKSUM EXEC to verify that all the files uploaded correctly.

Customizing Executable Files After Installation

You need to customize the MIGLOGON EXEC and MIGLINKP EXEC files to work with your system. Before using MIGLOGON EXEC, you must change the variables rdpass and vmdir. Before using MIGLINKP EXEC, you may need to change the text for sysadmin.

The following user exits can be customized.

User exit Purpose
MIGLINKP Provides the link to the PROFS minidisk.
MIGLOGON Performs the AUTOLOG of VM IDs.
MIGCNAME Generates directory names.
MIGFNAME Generates display names.
MIGUNOTE Limits selection of notes or documents to migrate, and allows you to change the name of the document folder.
MIGUPARM Dynamically changes parameters from selected VM IDs.
MIGUPAB Includes additional directory information for the PAB, such as telephone and fax numbers.
MIGUDIR Modifies the directory entries.

You can find more details later in this chapter and samples in the source extractor files.