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Icom Solutions Ltd.

Icom Solutions has worked with over 500 of the world's largest organizations to design, build, and customize automated office and workflow solutions. Icom Solutions offers strategic and technical assistance and the full range of systems integration expertise to help the corporate organization define and realize migration strategies from high-cost, low-function host systems to lower cost, high-function client/server systems.

Icom offers specialized and off-the-shelf solutions to address migration to Microsoft Exchange Server from: Verimation MEMO, OfficeVision/MVS, OfficeVision/VM, OfficeVision/400, Fischer TAO, CA Email, DISOSS Library, and Lotus Notes and cc:Mail.

Icom Solutions provides a comprehensive migration service that covers the key issues in achieving a successful move. Business consultants help construct the business case for making the move to Microsoft Exchange Server to ensure the right level of sponsorship within an organization. Consultants can make a clear assessment of the starting point of the migration and define the optimum target architecture. Specialist planning services help organizations to plan and prioritize the transfer of users and applications and address the areas of internal skills development.

Technical consultants provide a wide range of specialist networking and systems integration skills to assist throughout the process.

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