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Lotus cc:Mail Mobile for Windows

The Migration Wizard can extract the mailbox data directly from the local postoffice that is installed in Lotus cc:Mail Mobile for Windows.

Note   Because each user is going to copy the same files to the network, create a directory for each remote user.

   To migrate data from Lotus cc:Mail Mobile for Windows

  1. The remote user sends a message containing the user's password to the administrator in charge of migration. The user delivers all pending messages, including the one with the password, to the postoffice and retrieves any remaining messages waiting on the postoffice.
  2. The user deletes messages that do not need to be migrated.
  3. The user runs MBRBCL.BAT to clear any discrepancies in the MLANDATA and CLANDATA files and to reclaim free space in the mobile postoffice.
  4. The user copies the local postoffice (MLANDATA, CLANDATA, and all USR* files) across the remote dial-up or direct network connection to a prespecified location.
  5. The administrator receives the mail and notes the password.
  6. The administrator connects to the server where the user copied the local postoffice.
  7. The administrator runs the Migration Wizard, specifying the user's mobile postoffice (which is named LOCALPO) and password.
  8. The administrator migrates all the data from the mobile user's postoffice.