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Migrating MS-DOS Clients

To migrate mailboxes accessed with the MS-DOS client, you need not be concerned about locally stored mail or custom form messages. There are only two primary issues:

Protocol Replacement

The AppleTalk or EtherTalk protocol is not necessary to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server. When you finish using the MS-DOS client for MS Mail (AppleTalk), you can remove the protocol. You need to install TCP/IP, IPX/SPX or other supported protocols for the Microsoft Exchange Server MS-DOS client.

Extended Characters

Localized versions of the MS-DOS client for MS Mail (AppleTalk) send mail in the appropriate code-page, which allows for extended characters. Localized versions of the Apple Macintosh client use the Geneva character set. Since data is stored in the format in which it was sent, you can migrate mail and preserve this information.

If all the MS-DOS clients use English, you can migrate these mailboxes with the Apple Macintosh client mailboxes. If the MS-DOS clients use other languages, migrate MS-DOS clients separately from Apple Macintosh client mailboxes. In the packing list file of the MS-DOS client mailbox, change the code-page value to the appropriate code-page. Then import the migration files.