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Multiple Postoffices or Mail Systems Migrating to Multiple Sites

Most multiple site organizations need to migrate using a multiphased approach. This chapter covers many of the issues that you will face in planning, coexistence, and rollout.

If you have the resources to migrate in a single phase, then you should install, prepare, and test your enterprise completely before users are migrated to the system. Configure and test monitoring, public folder hierarchy, permissions and replication, mailboxes, distribution lists, gateways, custom forms and client installation points. Mailboxes can be created prior to the switch-over, and then contents migrated after testing is completed. You should look at the table in the section One Postoffice to see if any of the situations match your current installation, and if so read the appropriate sections. In addition, you should read the following sections: "Mail Message Files," "Personal Address Books and Lists," and "Schedule+ Version 1.0 Messages and Calendars." Then skip to the "Migration Tools" section to learn more about the Migration Wizard.