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One Postoffice

If your organization has just one or a few postoffices in a site, you might be able to move everyone to the new system at the same time. However, you should test your plan beforehand. Configure monitoring, a public folder hierarchy, permissions, replication, mailboxes, distribution lists, gateways, custom forms, and client installation points, and then test your plan. You can create mailboxes first and migrate contents after testing.

Situation See section
Have SMTP gateway installed Migrating to the Internet Mail Service
Have X.400 gateway installed Migrating from an X.400 Gateway to an X.400 Connector
Some users are using remote clients Remote Users and Offices

In addition, you should read the following sections: "Mail Message Files," "Personal Address Books and Lists," and "Schedule+ Version 1.0 Messages and Calendars." Then skip to the "Migration Tools" section to learn more about the Migration Wizard.