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Creating a Migration Strategy

Migration is the process of moving your existing electronic mail system to Microsoft Exchange Server. This process involves copying mailboxes, distribution lists, public folders, messages, attachments, calendars, and addresses from your existing system to Microsoft Exchange Server. Planning is critical, to prevent downtime and data loss.

This chapter provides an overview of the factors you need to consider when planning and testing a migration strategy. Microsoft supports migration from the following systems:

Microsoft provides several programs that work with your existing system to copy and import addresses, mailboxes, messages, shared folders, and scheduling information, as follows:

Note   Microsoft Exchange Server uses programs called source extractors to copy messages from one system to the other. If your system is not listed on page 1, contact your Solution Provider or Microsoft Consulting Service to find out whether a third party provides a source extractor. If a source extractor isn't available, you can create your own. For more information, see Appendix B, "Creating a Source Extractor."

Throughout this guide, the term existing system refers to the messaging system you are migrating from.