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Microsoft® Exchange Server is a powerful messaging system that enables members of your organization to exchange information with users on the Internet and other systems. Users can send documents, spreadsheets, graphics, and other items in e-mail to other users; view items that are available in public folders; or post items in public folders so that other users can access them. The high level of performance and advanced security features of Microsoft Exchange Server ensure that your company's communication needs are met. In addition, Microsoft Exchange Server is easy to manage. It provides a set of tools, such as the Administrator program, to help you manage your system efficiently.

This book presents the basic information needed to get a Microsoft Exchange Server system running in a typical organization. It provides a brief overview of the product and instructions for installing the server component of Microsoft Exchange Server. This book also describes how to perform basic Microsoft Exchange Server tasks, such as creating mailboxes and using public folders, and provides product support information.

Microsoft Exchange Server Getting Started is provided with Microsoft Exchange Server as a printed document. It is also accessible from the Help menu in the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program.