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Setting up Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop information manager that helps users organize, integrate, and manage electronic mail, calendars, tasks, contacts, documents, and scheduling.

You can install Outlook as the client for Microsoft Exchange Server on the following platforms:

Note   For Macintosh and Windows 3.1 users, the new client upgrades increase interoperability with Outlook and have a user interface that more closely matches Outlook.

You can create a client installation point to install Outlook to a local disk. Alternatively, you can create a network share to install and run Outlook from a server. Before creating a client installation point or a network share, do the following:

For the latest information about configuration, installation, and interoperability between clients, see the Outlook readme file.

In addition, the Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit contains valuable information about customizing Setup files and installation. It is available on the World Wide Web at