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Extracting NetWare Account Information

To use the Extract NetWare Accounts List command, you must have a Novell NetWare version 2.x, 3.x, or 4.x server running bindery emulation. If you are running Netware 2.15, you also need a NetWare account and password that has supervisor rights to the server.

  1. From the Tools menu in the Administrator window, choose Extract NetWare Account List.
  2. In the NetWare server name box, type the name of the NetWare server.
  3. In the NetWare user box, type the name of the user who has supervisor rights on this NetWare server.
  4. In the NetWare user password box, type the password that the NetWare supervisor uses when connecting to this NetWare server.
  5. Choose Browse to specify a file to which the extracted account information will be written.

The extracted file contains an entry for each user in the bindery. Before importing the file into Microsoft Exchange Server, you can edit the file and delete network accounts that don't need mailboxes. This includes guest and service accounts.

The following fields with data from the bindery appear in the import file.

Field Account field
Obj-Class Type of object
Common-Name User name
Display-Name Display name
Home-Server Server
Comment Description