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Internet (SMTP) Recipient Addresses

A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) recipient address consists of a display name (up to 55 alphanumeric characters) and the following required information.

Attribute description Contents
Recipient/mailbox name 1 through 63 characters.
Domain name 1 through 255 characters, composing the host name and domain name. The domain name is always associated with an Internet protocol (IP) address.

The recipient and domain name are separated by an at (@) sign. The address type SMTP is entered automatically when you use the Internet template. Valid characters are letters (a through z), digits (0 through 9), and the hyphen (-). No distinction is made between lowercase and uppercase characters. Spaces are not allowed.

Default SMTP addresses for Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes are created in the format

You can change the default address by modifying the site address. For more information about modifying the site address, see Chapter 7, "Setting Up Your Site."

The following is an example of an Internet (SMTP) address:

For more information about SMTP and IP addresses, see Microsoft Exchange Server Concepts and Planning.